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    Your partner in the journey of learning

    Education may start with the youth, but as times change and technology progresses, learning never has to end.

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    In learning for the long run

    At iXperience, we are on a mission to build transformational learning experiences that prepare students for the modern working world, no matter what life stage they are in.
    With a range of future-focused programs and services, iX's vision is to build a lifelong learning partnership with our students to empower them to adapt to an ever-changing world with hyper-relevant skills, knowledge and applied experience.

    From coding bootcamp to global career development platform

    iXperience started in 2013 as a study abroad coding bootcamp that would bridge the gap between academia and industry. Since then, it's grown into a global operation that has helped more than 2000 students accelerate their careers while exploring the world.


    The first iX students arrive in Cape Town! They gain new skills, work at international companies, and explore a new city.


    iX's initial growth drive comes from the close connections made by alumni and the quality program.


    iX reaches students from more universities, and expands course offerings to software, data, design, business and virtual reality.


    iX goes global and launches campuses in Lisbon and Berlin. (We've since also launched in Tel Aviv and Hawaii.


    iX goes online! We launch the world's first summer remote and hybrid course-internship blended programs.


    iX raises capital from two top South African investment firms to expand their programs and service offerings globally.

    Students become teachers

    The iX founders were both incredibly grateful for their Yale undergraduate experience, but felt something was fundamentally lacking from their time on campus. They were high on theory, but low on skills, and the material they had learned was already outdated by graduation. They dreamed of creating a university that prepared students for the future, inspired pupils to challenge themselves and for them to be pushed out of their comfort zones.

    Aaron Fuchs

    Co-founder & CEO

    "At first, iX was a passion project, then it became a profitable business, and has since shifted into something bigger. We have a significant responsibility to create something that impacts people's lives, whether it's the students who use the products we deliver, or our employees and the experience they have in the business."
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    Rafi Khan

    Co-founder & CEO

    "Until COVID, the education industry has not seen this type of change and innovation in a hundred years, and in a way we have a hundred years of debt, of things that have not changed. Now is the time to be in this space, to lead humanity into a new era of teaching and learning."
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