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    Bring machines to life by learning to combine the fundamentals of computer science and engineering in practical real-world projects.

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    robotics stream
    robotics stream
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    Where digital meets physical

    The opportunities that can come from robotics are endless. Being skilled in robotics can lead to careers in the gaming industry, the health sector and space exploration. This learning stream is not only applicable today, but may be even more relevant for the jobs of tomorrow as robots and AI become part of human life.

    Individual attention from industry experts

    With limited class sizes, our expert teachers can give individualized support and feedback to every student. They’ll gain invaluable perspective, and a mentor who will advise them throughout the program.

    *Experts and TA’s may vary from those displayed as streams and courses evolve and develop

    Gareth Thomson

    Robotics curriculum designer and educator for Resolute Robotics

    Gareth is an entrepreneurial electronic engineer who graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2016. After graduating, he worked at Softcon, where he got to practically apply his theoretical knowledge. Gareth then went on to work as a Data Analyst for Optimi. This is when he found that his true passion lay in Robotic Microprocessors and Control Systems.

    Gareth’s love for sharing his passion has led him into the education space where he now specialises in teaching High School Students the various fundamentals and complex concepts behind Electronics and Robotics.

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    *Experts and TA’s may vary from those displayed as streams and courses evolve and develop

    Companies we've worked with
    Companies we've worked with

    Launch into robotics by developing a fundamental skill set

    In the first part of this program, students will gain a deeper understanding of this learning stream and acquire a set of practical skills vital to their chosen discipline.



    Use Tinkercad to simulate circuits with code

    circuit theory

    Circuit Theory

    Learn the fundamentals of circuit theory



    Learn to create interactive electric objects with Arduino

    autonomous car

    Autonomous Car

    Create an autonomous robot that detects and follows a line

    access control

    Access Control

    Learn about Access Control by using RFID Tags



    Learn to code and develop games in Python

    practical skills practical skills

    Practical skills applied on real-world projects

    The robotics curriculum culminates with real-world projects. Industry and company needs change fast, and so do the projects as they evolve to match these changes. Below is an example of a project:

    Game Development in Python

    The Robotics curriculum culminates with Game Development in Python. Students will learn essential game development concepts such as controlling player and non-player sprites, implementing in-game physics and collision, object-oriented game design, randomization and artificial intelligence.

    Unpacking the program

    Our program brings together the unique iX learning approach of live online courses, coupled with real-world projects. This ensures that students acquire relevant hard and soft skills as well as practical, hands-on experience, giving them confidence, a badge for their resume, and a career boost that stands out in today’s competitive job market.

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    High school students rub shoulders with expert alumni

    Your students will get to be part of a network and have access to an ever-growing iX Alumni. A number of these past students come from the top universities in the world, and many of them have gone on to work for fortune 500 companies in industries relevant to LaunchPad’s learning streams.
    Kyle Mettler
    University of Notre Dame

    iXperience is geared toward teaching a breadth of practical, industry-relevant tools, and I believe I will apply the skills I’ve learned here for many years to come, regardless of my career path. The unwavering support of the teaching team allowed me to learn much faster than expected.

    Where our alumni land jobs
    Where our alumni land jobs

    Gain a valuable addition to your school’s offering

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