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    Add extra to your curricular.

    Besides giving your students an edge when entering a modern world, LaunchPad can boost your school's profile in a number of ways.
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    Brand new program.
    No new costs.

    Add a multilayered future-focused platform to your school's offering at no cost to your school.
    Launch a cutting edge program under your school's banner in weeks.
    Seamlessly integrate it into your existing programs.
    Deliver all course content and a learning management system under your school's emblem.

    Futuristic programs attract future-focused students

    With over 25% of our graduates coming from the top 20 ranked universities in the US, our programs have been known to attract top students.

    Increase the quality of your high school’s student applications and enrollment by offering a cutting-edge futuristic program.

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    Turn your students into masters

    Our programs have been known to produce students that have succeeded at Ivy League Universities, and then have gone on to work for the most cutting edge companies in the world.

    Provide students, from all majors, with in-demand skills for the modern workforce and direct path to a high growth career.


    of our iXperience graduates have attended a top-20 ranked universities in the US.


    of our iXperience alumni, who have graduated from university, have landed positions at fortune 500 companies


    students from over 200 universities around the world.

    See it for yourself

    A 5-minute demo with iX co-founder, Rafi Khan.

    Make this multifaceted platform your own

    Brand LaunchPad under your school’s banner and further your competitive edge with a multilayered future-focused platform added to your school’s offering.
    Seamlessly integrate it into your existing programs and deliver all the course content and a learning management system under your school's brand.

    Earn while they learn

    Generate additional tuition revenue to support the mission of your institution.

    With customized programs at zero cost to partnering schools, LaunchPad gives institutions the opportunity to generate an income, whilst benefiting their students, through a revenue share model.

    Give your school’s brand a futuristic facelift

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